Editorial Policies

Focus and Scope
The IJCSE is a double-blind referred academic journal for all fields of cyber society and education, such as following topics. 
All theoretical, empirical and applied manuscripts will be considered for publication. 

Applications of e-learning
Campus information systems
Computer aided assessments
Computer and education
Crime prevention in cyber society
Cyber law and cyber crime
Cyber sex and cybering
E-learning evaluation and content
E-learning technologies, standards and systems
Ethic in cyber society
Information and society
Intellectual property 
Internet addiction
Internet security
Knowledge management
Marketing and promoting e-learning
Mobile learning
Multimedia in e-learning
Online friendship and virtual relationship
Organization learning
Practices and cases in e-learning 
Practices and cases in cyber society
Role and mission of cyber police
Social benefits of e-learning
Social communications on the internet 
Systems and technologies issues
Technology adoption and diffusion
Trust and privacy issues in cyber society
Virtual learning environments 
Other relative topics

Peer Review Process

Before submitting the manuscript, the author should have his/her paper proofread for grammatical and spelling corrections as well as the readability of the paper. The IJCSE is a double-blind referred academic journal. Each manuscript would be reviewed by the editor for general suitability. If it is judged suitable, a double-blind review process takes place. Based on the recommendations of the reviewers, the editor then decides whether the article should be acceptable. The evaluation period is short. Usually we evaluate manuscript within two months or less. Please remind us if you do not receive the review results after two month. 
It is requested that authors should have their paper checked with a native English speaker colleague or professional for English syntax, grammar, etc before submission. Manuscript with serious writing problems cannot be accepted.